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Indie Summit

The Broadcast Indie Summit Programme will be live soon! In the meantime you can check out the brief session outlines below.

Discovery: The Keynote

Discovery speaks exclusively on their wide remit of channels, and streamer Discovery+.

Factual Commissioning

Factual heads talk about the future of the genre. Is true crime reaching its saturation? What’s the future of access-led single films? How can producers make their projects stand out?

Meet the Prime Video UK team

Join the entire Amazon Prime Video UK commissioning team to discuss their strategy and ambitions for 2023. This session is followed by 1-2-1 meetings with the team, exclusive to Broadcast Intelligence subscribers only.

Mind the funding gap

With broadcasters generally only committing a portion of the budget required to make a show, the panel explores trends in alternative sources of funding, how best to access them, which compromises are worth making and which are the red lines.

Poacher turned gamekeeper – and vice versa

Two comm eds-turned-indie bosses, and two commissioners that used to run production companies attempt to demystify the industry’s most important creative relationship. They share lessons from both sides of the pitch meeting and discuss how the dynamic works best.

Put diversity in your DNA

What are the key factors in running an inclusive indie that is an attractive place to work, and how can the demands of staff and freelancer wellbeing be met while ensuring your company thrives creatively and commercially?

Scripted Keynote

What’s in store for scripted commissioning? Hear from commissioners on what they’re looking to greenlight.

State of the Indie Nation

A broad range of production company bosses respond to the key findings of Broadcast’s Indie Survey, sharing their views and how best to deal with the soaring cost of production.

The M&A boom – and how to get in on it

What’s driving the spate of indie acquisitions, what do buyers and sellers look for in potential new partners, and how do both sides handle the sensitive negotiations?

The truth about life outside of London

How real is the nations and regions revolution? Indies from the north of England, Wales and Scotland discuss the changes they have noticed and representatives of the satellite offices for established London labels discuss how they be an additive presence in their locations.

Youth Audiences - The Future

Hear from the commissioners responsible for targeting the illusive youth audiences on what the gaps on their slates