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Indie Summit

The Broadcast Indie Summit Programme is now live!

State of the Nation: Navigating the Downturn

Four indies discuss their tactics for sustaining their business and thriving in a challenging market, address some key findings from the Indie Survey, and discuss their plans for the future.

Pitch Perfect

Uncover the secrets of great pitching and creative rapport between indies and commissioners. What are the best approaches for an effective and creative exchange of ideas?

Spotlight on Scripted

Hear from leading drama execs about navigating financial pressures in the industry’s most expensive genre. How are co-pros and partnerships influencing their strategy, what are the challenges of attracting the biggest names and breaking new talent, and what are they looking to commission this year?

What’s next for Popular Factual?

Top commissioners in the broad genre discuss trends and buying strategies across reality, competition formats, travelogues, talent-fronted formats, and plenty of other popular sub-genres.

Demystifying AI

What you need know and why you need to know it about the potential upsides and possible drawbacks of the highly influential new technology.


The BBC Studios owned network was the only UK broadcaster to increase the volume of titles it commissioned in 2023, according to Programme Index data. Hear from the commissioning team as they outline their myriad opportunities across different genres, price points and channels.

The Great Docs Debate

Leading documentary commissioners chew the fat on trends in documentary, the rush for premium titles, nostalgia and recent history, and unfolding narratives. Where’s the market going and what are they looking for?

How to work with Distributors

Getting buy-in from a distributor can be almost as crucial as convincing a commissioner to greenlight your show. Hear from top acquisitions execs discuss how they select projects, the extent of their creative input, and what they’re looking for.

Putting Specialist Factual Under the Microscope

A varied genre which ranges from science to history to art, we attempt to cover the genre with leading commissioning executives who will reveal their wish list, slots and pitch preferences.

Co-Production Uncovered

Hear from producers on how funding for their shows was pieces together from broadcasters and streamers around the world, and the ups and downs of the process